My name is Kassym,
I engineer solutions for people
My name is Kassym, I engineer solutions for people

About Me

I am currently in my last term of Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo. I enjoy finding engineering solutions to automation, integration, control and machine learning problems. My fourth year studies focus on these areas, but more specifically I took courses in discrete and continuous multivariable control, autonomous robots, system automation and integration, robotic manipulators and computational intelligence.

Over the past five years I have worked, as a coop, at OpenText, The Department of Defense, Public Safety Canada and most recently at Thalmic Labs. Throughout my coop terms I have done customer support and system administrator work to designing and implementing resource flow modelling and simulations. I believe in and strive for efficiency in all things. This includes algorithms themselves, but also workflows and data storage and usage. I have been the instigator and integral part of rebuilding a data workflow and storage procedure and design at one of my coops.

I enjoy the tech world and in my free time I like keeping up with new developments. I enjoy trying and hacking away at these new technologies whenever I can. I am also an avid outdoors person. I enjoy and take part in nearly all sports. Recently my interests have been focused on rock climbing, slacklining and road biking.

School Projects

Laser Origami

Rapid Prototyping with a Laser


Assembly Line Automation

Design PLC ladder logic, HMI and Vision system for an assembly line


Discrete System Control

Design discrete controller for controlling ball position on tilting beam


Continuous System Control

Design continuous controller for a flexible drive system


Matlab System Modelling

Modelling a system’s behaviour and response in matlab


PCB Robot

Designed and built PCB robot and programed for obstacle course


Balsa Wood Bridge

Design and build Balsa wood bridge


Arduino Path Following

Program an Arduino robot to navigate an obstacle course


University Courses

List of courses that I have taken throughout my university career.